All types of flooring solutions

All types of flooring solutions

Flooring Solutions Throughout UK

In keeping with the SWS Builders tradition of All Trades Under One Roof, we now offer flooring solutions on every project. Whether you’re looking to add a new real wood flooring solution to your home improvement project, or looking to have a brand new floor laid by professionals then SWS Joinery and other partners can help.

We specialise in the installation of:

  • Real Wood Flooring
  • Solid Oak Flooring
  • Hardwood Flooring
  • Engineered / Laminate Flooring
  • Designer Flooring
  • Home and Office Flooring Solutions

We will work directly with our clients providing advice, expertise and fabulous quality flooring for you to choose from. Your flooring solution will be chosen from samples provided to match your requirements and specifications. It will be installed and fitted perfectly and only quality flooring and professional tradesmen will be used.