How Profitable is Property Development?

Can You Make a Stable Income from Property Development?

The Importance of Management

The popularity and profits to be made from property development continue to grow in recent years. Given the difficult housing supply in the UK, there has been a strong surge of first-time buyers looking for a property right for them.

Property development can be very profitable for all parties involved, however management and planning are vitally important.

“Property developers have to spend a considerable amount of time extensively researching a potential area to invest and build in. This can be the difference in your profit margins.”

The importance of research cannot be understated. Factors such as schools, transport connections and local facilities will impact and determine how much your newly-built properties could earn you.

Securing Finance for Your Project

A common misconception on property development is that a lot of money is required to get started. This isn’t necessarily true and there is a wealth of options that you can take in helping to get you started.

“Commercial bridging loans are a fantastic, fast solution in securing new land to build on and can get your project going right away.”

These types of loans are specifically designed for property projects. They have become increasingly popular because of the speed financial groups pay-out compared to banks and housing associations.

“Having investors and backers can help relieve the load on your own finances and can help you invest in other parts of the project.”   

Specialist finance brokers are helpful in giving you an insight in undertaking development projects. They can provide you with the necessary information in carefully and correctly planning your development.

Although property developments have become increasingly popular in the UK, home improvements are a great way of gaining experience in managing a development project.